After the success stories of the first 3 groups of the Next Level Group Coaching, we’re excited to open up the fourth round! 

The 1st call is on August 13th at 05:00 PM EST and the group runs for 3 months. We are strictly only accepting the first 10 people who apply and complete their payment.

The price is just $97 per month (if you need to split the 3-month payment, just mention it in your application). So if you couldn’t get in with round 1 or 2, now is your chance!

If you’re interested click the below to apply for Group Coaching Round 4. 

What is group coaching?

  • A 3-month, transformative group coaching with 10 people who are ready to level up their life, love, health, and wealth!
  • Every other week, we will be live on Zoom answering and custom questions you have and going over your ‘System of Success’ (which we will help you create) to ensure that you’re progressing toward your goals
  • You’ll have direct access to a private WhatsApp accountability group 24/7 with Kevin & Alan, and an assistant coach from the NLU team

who is group coaching for?

  • Someone with a 9-5 who wants more fulfillment from life!
  • Entrepreneurs who want to grow their business
  • Anyone who wants to be more productive
  • Anyone who wants the next 3 months of their life to be FILLED with growth
  • Someone struggling with their relationship

How is it different?

  • Everything that we talk about will be completely catered for the 10 members of this group
  • This is completely behind the scenes and will be private
  • We are only allowing 10 members into each group
  • We can dig deep on EXACTLY what you’re going through right now

What is your investment?

  • $97.00 a month, for 3 months
  • 1-hour Zoom call every other Wednesday at 5 PM EST

Ready to get started?

We are only accepting the first 10 people to signup!

To secure your spot:

1. Fill out the application here.

2. Complete your payment here.

3. Wait for additional steps from us via email.

4. Start group coaching on the date to be announced!

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