5 Things we learned from Dean Graziosi – Episode # 380

5 Things We Learned From Dean Graziosi
Episode #380

This episode not only taught us the importance of sales and how to encourage the people we coach to sell, but it also taught us that your past doesn’t shape your future. It’s YOU and your passion, your belief, and your core values that will shape your future. In other words, YOU HAVE A CHOICE! This was quite an emotional ride for us and we’re hoping it would be the same for you. 

We’ve learned so much in less than an hour that we’ve interviewed Dean Graziosi, but we’re sharing our top 5 and here they are:

  1. Keep the underdog mentality
    Resourcefulness wins all the time. You have to be creative and never be complacent. With a different perspective and a whole lot of resourcefulness, you can turn your underdog traits into superpowers. 

  2. The power of belief
    The beliefs that we adapt from our personal circumstances can make or break us. We can’t change anything in our past but we can change our belief on how we can get to where we want to be in the future.

  3. Sell something you love so much that you’d feel bad if they don’t buy it from you
    Love what you do so much and believe in it so strongly that you are sure you are doing a disservice if someone doesn’t get it. Always, always take time to market your product properly, inspire and persuade your customers to say yes.

    “Love what you do so much, enter conversations that are already going in the mind of your prospect, care about them, and get them to buy.”

  4. Ask yourself the right questions
    The questions will always lead to the answers. Dean’s top questions are “Is this really the end or could this be the beginning?” and “Should I listen to them?”

  5. Don’t take advice from people who do it wrong
    Make sure to seek advice from or only listen to people who are actually qualified to give one. If someone sways you from doing something you are passionate about just because they failed at it, take it with a grain of salt and continue to believe in what you think is right. 

And while all of these don’t happen overnight, we are happy to share that you can get a free copy of his book UNDERDOG ADVANTAGE at Deansbook.com. You just have to pay for shipping. But this is a BIG step that you can take to start working on your dreams and visions. 

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