#321 – Ready To Learn More About YOU? A Deeper Dive Into The Drive To Five

#321 – Ready To Learn More About YOU? A Deeper Dive Into The Drive To Five

It’s another exciting episode of The Hyper Conscious Podcast and today, it’s Drive to Five! We help you figure out where you are right now in terms of confidence and self-esteem. Knowing where you are on the scale will help you understand what things you need to work on in order to get results. The goal is to make it to five (the middle), stay there, be effective and be successful.

Takeaways from today’s episode:

  • Coaching session updates [1:22]
  • What is the drive to five? [3:20]
  • Deeper dive to the drive to five [6:50]
  • You’ll know it when you are no longer being yourself [7:00]
  • Self-doubt feels off [12:25]
  • Patterns of expectations [16:00]
  • “You’ve proved it right so many times…” [22:04]
  • Mutual values are very important [25:00]
  • To start, you need to set the intention to do something challenging [27:59]

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