#318 – Avoiding Breakups And Divorce with Jennifer Hurvitz

#318 – Avoiding Breakups And Divorce with Jennifer Hurvitz

It’s another exciting AND special episode of The Hyper Conscious Podcast. As always, we offer only the best discussions that are specific to our listeners’ needs. Today we are joined by Jennifer Hurvitz, a certified divorce specialist, a best-seller author, and a public speaker. She is also an expert in relationships and sexuality, so there’s a whole lot of things to talk about, and we’ve managed to jam-pack this episode just for you. So go ahead and check it out!

Here are the key takeaways:

  • A quick guest intro [1:14]
  • Piece of advice: “If you can stay married and do the work, you should…” [2:30]
  • Common causes of divorce [6:30]
  • Facebook and divorce (hint: increased divorce rate) [7:25]
  • Growing together or growing apart? [11:30]
  • Learning from relationship mistakes [18:50]
  • The importance of reciprocal effort [24:44]
  • What Jennifer would like to accomplish [31:39]
  • What’s one thing that has never changed for Jennifer [33:10]

Make sure to pay our guest a visit at https://jenniferhurvitz.com/.

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